Supreme Pink is a top-tier strain of Indica-dominant weed with 30% THC. Originating from a hybrid of Purple Kush and Pink Kush, this strain has a high potency to ensure a unique and powerful experience. Its purple-hued buds release a sweet and earthy aroma with hints of berry, and its flavour is smooth and creamy with distinct notes of herbs and spices.

Supreme Pink provides a long-lasting, full-body high that is perfect for users looking to relax after a stressful day. Its effects are felt almost immediately, with an uplifting feeling of euphoria quickly following. This strain also has powerful sedative properties, allowing users to slip into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Whether it’s an evening in or a night out with friends, Supreme Pink is the perfect way to unwind. And with our convenient online ordering system, users in the Ottawa area can easily find the strain they need and have it delivered right to their door. So if you’re looking for a quality Indica with a powerful punch, Supreme Pink is the ideal choice!

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