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Purple Monkey Balls weed strain

Purple Monkey Balls (23%~ THC) is a hybrid strain with a disputed history, although many claim that was created by crossing and Afghani indica with Mendocino Purps.

Appearance: Purple bulb-like buds produce an interesting grape flavoured aroma and have a sweet flavour that is a combination of berry and pine flavouring.

Aroma/Smell: Purple Monkey Balls is sweet and spicy that makes for quite the seductive treat. You will have a hard time hiding this bud and its overpowering scent from nosy neighbors, as it fills the room with a fruity and woody fragrance.

Effects: Complete mind and body relaxation that it can provide them, giving their worried thoughts and emotions no chance to exist. It can be enjoyed after a long day at work, or on weekends when you have only relaxation in mind.

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