The Diablo Pink (34%~ THC) is a cannabis strain that is loved for its notes of pine and citrus fruits that come in more detail. The marijuana strain has traces of purple, resulting from a high amount of anthocyanin compounds in leaves. On exposure to cold air, the purple colour turns to violet. This strain has brown to dark orange pistils strung through dense buds.

Flowers are coated with sticky crystalline trichomes. They have a high content of resin which is a favourite choice for concentrate production such as broken and butane oil hashish. The fragrances of the strain can be globally categorized as both flowers and diesel. The weed strain also retains the trademark of OG hashy, musky undertones.

Smoke is said to be soft, but to stretch the lungs and taste sweet with a spice and pepper hint during exhalation. This is a very sharp strain and must be treated with both consumers and growers if it concerns.

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