Introducing Dark Knight ( 16%~ THC ), a powerful, earthy, and mood-brightening strain of marijuana. For those looking to experience an extra strong high, Dark Knight is the perfect choice. This strain was created with the same genetics as its counterpart, White Knight, but its buds are darker in color and contain higher levels of THC and CBD.

Dark Knight features potent and unique aromas, with notes of nutty coffee, freshly tilled soil, and hints of lemon and pepper. When smoked, the smoke is thick and leaves your tongue coated in a slightly peppery taste with sweet and earthy undertones. The effects are uplifting and invigorating, inducing a deep feeling of relaxation and mental clarity.

This strain is a great pick for anyone looking for an unbeatable combination of high potency, potent aromas, and long-lasting effects. With its high THC and CBD content, Dark Knight provides you with the perfect balance of relaxing and stimulating effects. Buy some Dark Knight and take your smoking experience to the next level!

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