The Blueberry Muffin ( 25%~ THC ) cannabis strain is an indica strain created by crossing Purple Panty Dropper with the addictive Blueberry strain. The result is a heavy indica-dominant strain that is adored in the cannabis world. Its buds are light green and covered in thin orange hairs. It has a sweet berry flavor and an aroma that will remind you of freshly baked muffins.

The Blueberry Muffin High is powerful and long-lasting. It hits the body with a calming haze of relaxation immediately and can make users feel couch-locked. As the high builds, it transitions into a deep, dream-like state of relaxation that can keep users glued to their couch and free from stress.

Medical marijuana patients choose Blueberry Muffin to treat conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, and insomnia. This strain’s body and mood-altering effects can also soothe anxiety and depression, making it a great choice for those looking for relief.

If you’re looking for quality weed delivery in Ottawa, look no further than Blueberry Muffin. This strain is one of the most popular indicas on the market, and its effects are truly top-notch. Get your hands on some Blueberry Muffin and find out why it is one of the most sought-after strains in the cannabis world.

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