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Blueberry Cupcake Strain

80% Indica | 20% Sativa
22%~ THC

Blueberry Cupcake, also known as the plural ‚ÄúBlueberry Cupcakes,‚ÄĚ is a tasty indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous¬†Purple Panty Dropper¬†with the addictive¬†Blueberry¬†strain. The result is a bud that packs lifting effects and an insanely delicious flavour that is said to be just like a fresh blueberry cupcake!

The Blueberry Cupcake high is just as delectable as the taste, with full-bodied effects that are perfect for any indica or hybrid lover.

As you start to become aware of random things around you, your body will start to feel tingly and numb as a body high makes its way from head to toe.

Blueberry cupcake buds are dense and heavy forest green nugs with bluish undertones, dark orange hairs, and a few scattered amber crystal trichomes.

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