Black Cherry Soda (THC 26%) is a sativa strain, with an indica/sativa ratio of 20:80. Its buds are incredibly dense and covered in tiny crystals and orange hairs, with hues of purple mixing well with shades of light green. It is a beautiful strain that you will have to see to believe, as no picture can do it justice. The strain has a unique berry smell, quite similar to Blue Dream. As for its taste, it is no different from its scent. The high is very uplifting, starts from the back of your head, and makes its way to the back of your ears. Black Cherry Soda offers a cerebral experience unlike any other. A few more hits and you will feel the high setting in on your shoulders. It has an amazing upper body tingle that packs quite a punch. The strain is incredibly effective for treating various conditions like depression, anxiety, and even stress.

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