3-PACK FUJIN 1.0G THC Disposable Vape Pen


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FUJIN Disposable Pen
Cannabis extract By K49 Labs

– 1.0g Premium Disposable Vape Pen -92% – 96%% THC
– No Added Vitamin E
– Solvent Free

FUJIN Vape Pens with 1 Gram of THC Distillate Containing No VG / No PG that includes an organic base and is also solvent free. This means you get a full gram of nothing but flavoured distillate!

These heavy duty disposable vape pens come with a much higher quality build and are also USB rechargeable to make sure you don’t miss any of the distillate before the battery dies! Simply screw off the gold base at the bottom and plug in your cable to recharge! (Charging cable not included) (It is not recommended to use the pen while charging)

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Out of stock