1G Premium Shatter – Pineapple Express Meds (PEM)


1 Gram Pineapple Express Meds PremiumΒ Shatter Delivery in Ottawa

*Each Package Contains 1 Gram of Shatter*

Pineapple Express Meds’ high-quality shatter comes in a splendidly translucent shape and also features a golden hue. It looks like honey with multiple degrees of transparency as well as color profiles.

The reason shatter concentrate is semi-clear has to do with the molecules in the extracted cannabis oil. In shatter, these molecules are all stacked nice and neat in straight rows, one on top of the other. This molecular alignment allows light to pass through the marijuana extract and gives the shatter its glass-like properties.

When the shatter is ultra-warm, it will appear much like thick honey. Alternatively, a cold shatter looks just like a glass. Heat, moisture, and high terpene content can affect the texture and extraction, which may turn extracted oils into a runnier substance that resembles sap but retaining its translucent appearance.

Concentrates other than shatter and sap are whipped, stirred, or shaken at various times during the process, agitating the individual molecules in the mixture and causing their cloudy appearance.

Shatter is not agitated which accounts for its translucency.